man riding a manatee

There is room on this manatee for both of us.

Jason Prillo is a Web Developer and Graphic Artist from Melbourne Florida.

man riding a manatee
cloud top
this is jason and carl weathers


Meet Jason Prillo, who appears on the left side of the photo. Jason operates Formal Flamingo Web Development, a Central Florida-based enterprise that specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind websites and web apps.

The gentleman on the right is none other than Carl Weathers, whom Jason had the pleasure of meeting at a convention. The encounter with Mr. Weathers was delightful, and Jason can share more details about it upon request.

this is the top of the clouds
this is a hero
this is a hero

CSS Button Maker

CSS Button Maker allows you to design a HTML button and it prints out the css for you.

This was made with Vanilla Javascript

this is a hero

Feed the Machine

Bert Kriesher is a standup comedian.

This is a website where you can feed him doughnuts.

these are hills
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