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This is some of my latest projects. I have only included things I ethier own or have eplicit permission to use.

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ACNH Directory

Ths is a directory to quickly filter characters and items in Animal Crossing New Horizon.

It is not up to date because I maintain the api and I do not.

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CSS Button Maker

CSS Button Maker allows you to design a HTML button and it prints out the css for you.

This was made with Vanilla Javascript

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Earrings for Holidays

Earrings for Holidays is a e-comerce site that sells earring but for holidays.

Actually the only earrings right now on there are for Christmas. Maybe we should have named it Christmas for Holidays.

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Feed the Machine

Bert Kriesher is a standup comedian.

This is a website where you can feed him doughnuts.

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Formal Flamingo

Formal Flamingo is a web development agency in Palm Bay Florida. It is owned my me and my wife and started it 2007.

It built on gatsby with a netlify content management system.

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Geeby is a minimalist Gatsby starter with a Netlify CMS. It should be enough to get you started without getting in your way.

That being said, the code does release a purple monster that will dedicate it's life to exterminating you.

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Jason Weather

Jason Weather is the only place where you can find out what the weather is like where I am.

The idea was to make a super vain weather app that insults you for wanting to know your own weather.

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Old Portfolio

This is the original personal website. The first thing I ever coded.

I'm just kidding the rest are just even more embarrassing and I ride a manatee over a rainbow on my current one.

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Wine Company

Wine Company is a real wine business. I do not want to show up on thier front page so I am going to leave thier name out of the copy.

This is a Gatsby site I built for them with a Netlify CMS. It launch in it's current form in 2022 and has performed great.

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